Small is beautiful!

Small is beautiful. And feminine. And sexy.

Today I share with you pictures of women with small breast. All very attractive, very feminine and very sexy. Sometimes we read that feminine equals curvy. It is so not true! Femininity is a state of mind, not state of the body. If you wish, you can express it in many ways, also with your outfit. Take those pictures as an inspiration, or just enjoy looking at beautiful women.

Wed, 2014-01-01 18:00 -- Anna

How to find The Right One - part 2

So now after reading the Part 1 you already know if your bras are a good fit. What to do if they are not? How to find a bra that really fits?

Personally I believe that a good bra fitter is always the best option. Especially a good bra fitter and a well-stocked store with full size range lingerie :)

A good bra fitter will help you to find your right bra size, will advise you on which bra styles works best for you and teach you how to put a bra properly. Additionally in a retail store you have the possibility to try different sizes and learn what happens if you go up or down with a band or cup.

Sun, 2013-09-08 14:00 -- Anna

Lady Chloe

Fauve Chloe


I was in love with this bra long long before it was launched and available to buy. First of all I love soft bras, especially lacy ones. And when they have vertical seams I love them even more, because there is a big chance they will fit me. Therefore Chloe immediately catched my eye and finally heart. Not to mention that the mink colour is just my taste - watery and noble. Like a real Lady. It was my must have.

Sun, 2013-08-18 18:00 -- Anna

How to find The Right One - part 1

For our newcomers let's get back to brafitting basics. However, also for us experienced braholics it is good to remind what is this whole brafitting actually about. When writing this article I had my Romanian readers in mind, since there is virtually no information in Romanian about brafitting available online at the moment.

Sun, 2013-07-21 16:00 -- Anna

Bra shopping in London

I believe London is the best place for bra shopping in the world. Here not only can you find small specialised shops with personal bra fitting service but also many department stores with full range of bra styles and sizes where you can shop more anonymously.

Not everybody, however, is as lucky as me to live here ;) Still many of you visit London for various reasons and often you ask where to shop bras and how to do it in a time efficient way.

Thu, 2013-06-06 22:00 -- Anna

Luxury for small breasted women

Half cups from Fauve usually fit very well women who have small and/or shallow breasts.

It's common for small and shallow boobs to be full on the top (FoT) and tightly bound to the chest. That the reason why open cups and wide underwires work well for them. They are of high quality and always made with attention to detail and last but not least they are just gorgeous. All that, despite the price, makes them worth buying.

Sat, 2013-06-01 12:00 -- Anna